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I'm a product designer originally from the snowy mountains of Denver, Colorado. I willingly embraced change and relocated to the scorching summers of Austin, Texas, showcasing my ability to adapt and thrive in diverse environments.


In my previous role as a customer support specialist, I found immense satisfaction in guiding businesses through complex processes. This experience not only deepened my passion for product design but also heightened my awareness of the critical role of accessibility. Working with customers with disabilities, I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of accessible design, substantially improving their well-being. That role ignited a strong desire within me to create meaningful and lasting impacts on customers by approaching challenges with a solution-oriented mindset that goes beyond their immediate needs.


During my time at Wix, I excelled in customer-centric environments. I applied my empathetic approach to engage and retain customers, earning a track record of success. I demonstrated my proficiency in simplifying complex tasks, ensuring that customers could effortlessly and enjoyably achieve their goals.

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