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Targeting future homebuyers, Wayhome collaborates with local property owners and real estate agents to provide comfortable midterm stays, focusing on amenities for a smooth relocation experience.



The current website has a disjointed user experience and has failed to integrate key features seamlessly, hindering overall functionality.

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Our team improved the navigation and layout for renters and property owners, streamlining the application process and enhancing interactions for managing stays.

My Role

Led a team of three UI/UX design interns, responsible for refining the renter, property owner, and agent portals.


Managed the design and optimization of the app on desktop and mobile for the renters portal.

Created a design system to help the team achieve higher efficiency, consistency, and scalability across all portals.

What I did 

  • Led overall UI/UX design

  • Managed heuristic evaluation for renters portal

  • Mapped out the UX flows for renters portal

  • Led usability tests with renters and property owners

  • Created a design system 

  • Participated in two in-person whiteboard sessions alongside the founder and his partner


Current renters portal received a 68 out of 100 on system usability score 

I ran four usability tests with current renters to filter out any immediate issues. 


Enhancing user flows for effortless processes

I engaged in an in-person whiteboard session with the founder and his partner to dissect the entire application process, covering happy path and edge cases, and clarifying the actions required from all three parties. The following outlines the ideal path taken during the renter application process.



3 areas of opportunity based on user feedback and evaluations

Through our findings, we identified three key areas aligned with the business goals to focus on for our MVP for the renters portal.

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Enhancing navigation and layout

User testing insights:

  • 4/4 stated that the secondary tabs were unnoticeable making it difficult to complete certain actions on the website.

Action taken:

  • We centralized the global navigation within the header and introduced a sidebar secondary navigation for consistent visibility, allowing users to click through content quicker.

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Streamlining the application process

​User testing insights:

  • 4/4 found the deposit submission flow to be counterintuitive. 

  • 2/4 wanted more context and expectations during the application process.

Actions taken:

  • We added a status bar for renters to track their progress in the application process.

  • Renters have the ability to start rental screening and submit security deposits directly from the app. 

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Improving interactions for managing stay

Action taken:

  • We've extended the same side bar navigation design to the Manage Stay screens for consistency aiming to simplify task completion.


Maintaining brand consistency and team efficiency through design

Utilizing the Bootstrap 5+ framework, I customized the predefined components to align with the company's existing branding guidelines. Here is a preview of the main components:

design system.png


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